Saturday, 22 June 2013

How can I Grow Food in Containers for FREE?

I have had this question many times over, and I have some great answers. You have to think inside the box, literally. From old vegetables plastic crates to shoe boxes they can all be used to grow food in! Yes in cardboard, well won't it just fall apart? Yes - in the long run. In the short run there is a completely different answer.

The reason why you should use cardboard boxes is because you can easily grow vegetables like lettuces and radishes furthermore the squash families!

I'm trying to get you into growing saving as much as possible and getting healthy food out of it. I have found one great video about using plastic crates below, watch it, then I'll show you how to grow radishes in a cardboard box.
That video sure would have helped you, it's great! Also I made a video about a week or so ago about growing in carboard boxes and here it is:
 So finally you can use plastic bottles for growing herbs in, just cut the top off and you have a pot! It's very simple and easy to grow your own food, why not start today? I can not tell you enough how easy and important it is to grow your own fresh food, thanks for reading.

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  1. I like the idea of using the crates , very similar to the square foot garden