Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Saving money by growing vegetables - A free guide


Here it finally is, a thank you gift for 5,000 subscribers just to help you save money by growing fruit and vegetables in your backyard. This article has been laid out with top cash saving tips on all the main sections in gardening from containers to seeds. You can get your hands on it for free right now, right HERE.

So what is in this?
  1. Introduction – why bother? 
  2. Herbs and vegetables 
  3. Buy herb seeds and save some cash 
  4. Plant some spuds – save some money 
  5. Eat your greens – be healthy – save money 
  6. Materials, compost and growing medium 
  7. The myth of ‘Isn't gardening expensive?’ 
  8. Ideas for low-cost containers 
  9. 4 options of filling your raised beds and containers 
  10. Get tools cheap! 
  11. Nutrients – dry and liquid organic fertilizers 
  12. Luscious liquid fertilizers 
  13. What pH do my plants want? 
  14. How to get seeds for free! Or very cheaply! 
And much more! So thanks for reading and I really hope that this will help you out!

Please share this to any friends and family you think this might help them out with,

Huw Richards

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  1. Thanks for the videos, very imformative. Would it be possible to email me a copy of the ebook as I don't have a scribd account?