Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What you should and shouldn't put in your Compost (GardenFrugal's Guide)

Good Morning Friends!

First of all I'm sorry for not posting any posts in the last couple of days, but I hope to make this a daily blog.
Today I'm going to tell you what you should and shouldn't put in your compost.

So what can and can't I put in my compost heap?
gardenfrugal.com did a great post on his facebook page about what you should put in and what you should never put in.

So that's a very easy guide for you and for great videos by GardenFrugal visit his gardening youtube channel here. The reason why you don't put in any meat or fish is to help prevent rats and diseased plants as they will spread even more!

Thanks for reading, now time for me to catch the school bus!


  1. Cool! Very simple chart. I was actually just trying to remember whether sawdust could go in as my husband just got a saw and built a shelf. I thought it could, but wasn't positive!

  2. Thanks a lot for that chart, it's really helpful ..

    wish you the best :)